Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day from San Diego

Katie and I have been in San Diego since Monday.  We're here visiting my son and daughter-in-law and grandkids, and also I'm getting my annual medical, vision and dental appointments out of the way.

We're having a perfect visit - their house is so comfortable and Katie loves being here.  (Me, too, of course!)  Katie can run around without a leash, and go outside and walk on the wet grass or lay in the sun on the patio.  I think her preference would be a stick house to a home on wheels.  But she's not the boss, so... for now it's the home on wheels for us.

We are able to park across the street from Tom and Trish's house in Carlsbad.  They're on a cul-d-sac so it doesn't work for us to park in front of their house.  The street opposite them, though, has a long area that is the side of a neighbor's house, so we're not actually in their front yard, and it feels okay for a few days. 

None of the neighbors have said a word about us being here.  RVs aren't allowed to park on the street in this city without a permit, but they live in a gated community and so I guess we're okay unless there's a complaint.

I got to see Graydin's baseball practice - he's four:

And Kennedy's swim lessons - she's 11:

Practicing free style:

Practicing the butterfly, that's the stroke she's working on now:

She is taking lessons in a place that has three small heated pools with a wave type machine at one end.  It's a really neat setup; I would have loved to have swim lessons in a facility like this when I was learning how to swim.  Kennedy knows how to swim, but is learning new strokes and upping her game because she wants to be on a swim team.

And Gavin practicing catch with his dad during Graydin's baseball practice - he's 9 and a great baseball player:

Gavin had his own practice yesterday, but I missed it because I wanted to see Kennedy's practice.  The boys both have baseball practice on Saturday, so I'll make sure to be at Gavins.  During Gav's practice yesterday they had a hitting contest, and although Gav is the youngest kid on the team, he won the contest.  All my grandkids are good at sports. I wasn't into sports as a kid so I really appreciate their efforts and achievements in all the sports they participate in.

The schedule in this family is pretty intense and Trish and Tom compare notes all the time to make sure each child is getting to their daily practice, appointment or whatever destination they have - sometimes in the same direction, sometimes at opposite ends of town.  And they each have their own schedules to keep up with and compare with each other.  They do it with ease, of course - they've grown into this kind of craziness as each child got older and became involved in sports and other activities and as their own businesses and interests grew. 

I'm having a blast catching up with the whole family, and Saturday night is the "Grammys' motor home night."  The kids remembered last year when they came over and watched a movie, they each got popcorn, counted out some jelly beans.  It's so weird, they are happy with - like - 4 or 6 or 8, whatever number I pick.  They pick out their colors and are happy with that amount.  I used to want the whole bowl!  And then we laid out the sleeping bags and pillows and they spent the night.  They've asked if we can do that again, and of course we can!  And will!  So Saturday night it is.  Kennedy wants to sleep in her own bed, but she's going to be here for the movie/treats, and will come back in the morning for cereal and fruit. :)

I'll be posting more about Kennedy in a future post.  She's starting her own Internet business, and is continuing the entrepreneurial spirit of her Grammy, Dad and Mom.  She's going to be a dynamo as an adult!

I have some new Followers to welcome, but I'm going to do that in the next post - I'm rushing to get ready to go to the movies.  Much busier lifestyle in San Diego than in the Arizona desert or New Mexico State Parks and I've got a schedule to keep!!

From me and Katie, Happy Valentines Day, everybody!  :)


  1. Sounds like you and Katie are having a wonderful time. Have a great Valentine's Day and give Katie a big smooch for us!

  2. You and Katie are sure having a "grand" time!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! :-)

  3. You grandkids are so precious. It's fun to see them involved in sports and good for them too. Hope you continue to have a wonderful visit.

  4. How fun to get to visit family at the same time and place as getting all the necessities done! That is really nice. Grandkids look adorable!

  5. Whew! all those activities wear me out! Have fun with the loves of your life.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds you are having a wonderful visit with your family. Enjoy!

  7. I'm not sure I could keep up with that kind of schedule. But I can tell you're having fun doing it. Skittlez would love to have a house that never moved but Scooter loves all the new places we go.

  8. Sports are wonderful for children. Busy kids are kids who do well. I admire young parents these days--there are many demands on their time & money but they handle life with such ease. Have fun with your Grands Saturday night--they'll remember these times for the rest of their lives. I can just picture Katie loling in the grass with a smile on her face. Have fun! And oh yeah--I would've wanted to eat the whole bowl when I was a kid--your grands have such restraint!

  9. Glad you are enjoying your visit.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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