Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5-year-old Little League game

A big WELCOME to Carolyn and cpatinjones, two new Followers who are coming along for the ride with me and Katie on our journey to full-timing.  Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy reading about our daily goings on.

On Sunday I met up with my son and his three kids, Kennedy - 7, Gavin - 5 and Graydin -1 1/2 at Gavin's Little League game.  Tom's wife is out of town, so he was running all day.  He fed them breakfast, got them all dressed and took all three kids to church, went back home to change clothes, then off to Gavin's Little League game where I joined everyone.  Then after the game, took us all out to lunch in Encinitas, to the Yellow Coyote Tortilla Factory in The Forum. I had the taco salad, and it was fabulous.

After lunch I left them to run my own errands, and Tom took the kids home to change clothes again, then it was time for Kennedy's cheer leading practice.  OMG.  Now I know why God gives the kids to the young people.  After cheer practice, it would be dinner, baths, get ready for bed and school on Monday.

Tom takes it all in stride, but I'm tired just writing about it!

Here are some pics from the Little League Game on Sunday.  Remember, Gavin is only 5 years old, he'll be 6 in December.  He is an amazing little ball player!  It's hard to see the ball in some of the photos, if you click on them, you can see the arrows I've added.

This out was so close, I didn't realize the runner was out until I ran the film clip at home.  Gavin said they won the game, but I don't think they keep track of the score.  Everyone bats, and most of the kids can't throw or catch well enough to make many outs.  Once everyone has their ups, the side is retired.

 Second out.

And another out at first base.  This was the second inning, they play three innings.

Everyone gets up each inning.  They have a bunch of tries to hit a ball thrown by a coach.  If they don't hit it, the T is brought in and they hit from the T.  Most of the kids were able to hit a pitched ball, though.

Running to first base.

The game was really fun to watch. They play a different position each inning.  Gavin was Right Field, First Base, then Center Field.  I was pretty proud of him!

From Me and My Dog, have a great day, everyone!  : )


  1. Ah I can remember my four boys, Baseball,football, soccer,and all the practices games, tournaments,plus scouts and father&son camping trips, and the list is endless. You also get to enjoy it all over as a Grandpa. especially if you are lucky enough up till Sept to have the grand baby living with you. but life is short so enjoy it all you can.I watched my cousin's Grand boys play soccer the other night,even when your 900 miles away there is still kids that need attention.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Wow! That Gavin is a real pro!!!!
    Amazing fielding and hitting!


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