Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yesterday's errands

A big WELCOME TO CeiPui, Places We Go, Things We See who, like me and others, is now deciding on which RV to purchase, and is planning with her husband to join the rest of you out on the road.  Happy to have you along, CeiPui!

Yesterday I got everything on the list done.  Katie and I slept in, then watched TV and read blogs (me not her : ) ), and lounged around a bit early in the day.   I decided to leave her home when I left on my errands because I wasn't sure how long the oil change would take.

First I went to the Kinkos/UPS store.  I was mailing a good bottle of wine and a gift card to Donovan's (a VERY nice steak house here in San Diego).  They are a thank you gift for a favor someone did for my boss, and I had planned to mail them yesterday on my way home from work.  Unfortunately the store was crowded when I arrived, so I decided to do it today.  They said I couldn't send the wine through UPS, so I asked him to wrap it and I'll figure out something else to get it there.  Maybe drop it off myself next week.

Then I left for the oil change.  I went to a local shop in my area where I have been bringing the Escape since I've lived here. They have a 3-for-2 deal, where you pay for two oil changes, and you get three.  This is my second of the three.

I got there 10 minutes early and when I parked, I saw two birds under a canopy near their door.  It's amazing the things you see in unexpected places.  The birds had a large play area with a bunch of toys and things to chew, and were having a fine time.  They were very vocal and beautiful.

He was just raising his leg to scratch his head.

I don't know what these are - "Red Tailed Parrots?" - Judy, help?

The mechanic said it would take around an hour, they were backed up.  So I walked a half mile down the road to a shopping center and had breakfast.  It was 3:00 and I hadn't eaten yet, so I was really hungry.  I went to the Broken Yolk, and it was really good:

My walk to and from the auto shop was interesting.  It was a half mile each way, and when I walked to the restaurant, it seemed like a long walk. I was hot and tired when I got there.  After eating, drinking water, and relaxing a bit, I walked back and it went really quick.  That's why they say to eat a good breakfast before doing a 5K or any long walk.  I never realized how much difference walking on an empty stomach made.

I brought my Droid and camera and took a few photos.  I brought my Droid to see if there were any geocaches along the way.  Nope.  The walk to the shopping area was along an industrial road, but now that I'm blogging, I'm bringing my camera along more and noticing things I wouldn't have seen before:

For some reason, I thought this was funny:

And I thought this lamp post was sad - there are two unkempt houses on the street in between the industrial buildings and vacant lots:


After picking up my car, I went to the gas station. I always go to a Shell station that's close to where I live.  It's very convenient.  Unfortunately every time I go there, I get mad.  Since my company pays for my gas, I have to get a receipt every time I fill up.  After filling up I put the gas nozzel away, screw the gas cap in, close the little cover and WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT for my receipt, while Shell runs an ad across the readout where it will ask me if I want a receipt.  They are trying to get me to apply for a Shell credit card.  Does your gas station do that?  It infuriates me that after paying over $3 a gallon and pumping my own gas, and cleaning my own windshield, and sometimes paying another $6 for a car wash, I then have to WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT to get my receipt because I'm watching their ad.

I used to go into the little store and complain.  Didn't do any good.   So, what I decided to do a few weeks ago is, I kick the gas pump and hit it with my fist where the receipt is going to come out.   I kick, kick, kick, hit, hit, hit, until the receipt comes out.  Sure makes me feel better.  Today a man came up to me and said maybe I needed to go inside for my receipt.  I said, "No, it'll come out after their ad stops scrolling.  Until then, I'm just kicking and hitting the gas pump.  My response to their unsolicited ad."  He just smiled, nodded and walked away.

Someday I'm going to get arrested...

I finished off my errands with a trip to the grocery store, uneventful.

From me and Katie, have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!  : )


  1. Same here, since I took up photography some ten years ago, I became very aware of my surroundings and often found interesting objects to photograph which those around me didn't notice.

    I don't think you should kick the machine, you could really get into trouble one day by destroying property.

    Over here (New Jersey), all gas stations are all in full service. Currently the regular gas price in my town is ~$2.59 cash and ~$2.65 credit. We're very spoiled.

  2. Have a good time at the RV show tomorrow. And remember the "experts" say NEVER buy an RV at an RV show. I'm not sure why that is, but I've read it several times.

    Remember INSPECTIONS, although costly, can save you thousands down the road.

  3. Another thought, I take my camera along and a notebook. If I take pictures of a feature inside an RV I always imedeately after take a picture of the white info sticker on the windshield, and a picture of the name and modle on the front or side. This helps me keep which feature is in which modle straight.

  4. I have the same problem at Speedway service stations when I fill up with diesel. They have to get you to watch those damned ads, so they make you wait for the reciept. There may be 10 cars or trucks waiting to fill up, but you have to wait. Kind of pisses me off too.

  5. I'm afraid exotic parrots are out of my line. Red-tailed parrots sounds like a good name to me. :)

  6. Love the kicking tale, sounds like something I would do...

  7. I would be irritated yes! I'm so tired of being force fed information I could care less about. If I want to buy your product, no amount of advertising is going to get me in the door. Either I'm curious and will or think it's a fad and won't.

    love the parrots. Your breakfast, my hubs would devour!
    Tammy.. thank you for having me.

  8. Captialism is so out of control....they call your home at any hr they wish, they put ads all over your EMAIL page..and I also hate those scrolling ads on the gas pump..Im so over the whole in your face advertising thing..I took the Google ads off my blog--what good is it doing me?

  9. I would never see the ad. I push the button for receipt and then go about washing my windshield. When I finish that chore I collect my receipt and go on my way. I have been tempted to kick and hit a pump because of the gas price however.


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