Thursday, October 7, 2010

My weekend plans

It's Thursday night!  The beginning of my three-day weekend.  Katie and I have a lot to do this weekend, and hopefully we'll get it all done.  As you know, I DO have a tendency to be lazy sometimes. : )

Tomorrow we have grocery shopping, some packages we need to have wrapped and shipped at the Kinkos/UPS store, and then we have an appointment to have the oil changed in the car.

I have a 2001 Ford Escape, I've loved this car since the day I got it, and I hope it keeps running until I need to sell it to go full -timing.  I REALLY don't want to have to buy a new car.  So far, so good.  It still feels like a new car to me.  I've never liked a car so much or driven one so long.  It has 132,330 miles on it, but I've never even thought about trading it in.  So, I try to keep the maintenance up, keep the tires good, etc.  I bought it when I moved to Pollock Pines, right on the snow line, because I wanted a 4-wheel drive and snow tires so I never had to worry about getting stuck somewhere.  You know, Just In Case.

This photo looks exactly like my car.  You'd never believe it's ten years old:

2001 Ford Escape

I noticed tonight I have ants all over the kitchen.  Not swarming, but a thin stream coming out of a high cupboard, down to the stove, across to a drawer and continuing to an upper cupboard.  Also going in the opposite direction on the other side of the stove, across the counter, down by the fridge.  I have had a few now and then out on the patio, but nothing in the house that I can remember this year, and I want to nip it in the bud, so to speak.

I had ant poison in the cupboard, and some spray.  I sprayed the areas lightly (hate doing that in the kitchen) and put the poison stuff out.  Now tomorrow I'm going to have to really clean that area thoroughly.

That's Friday.

There is an RV show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds this weekend, about 20 minutes from my house, and I plan to go either Saturday or Sunday.  It opened today and runs for four days. They are showing new and used rigs, so it's right up my alley.

I just went to the website to check the dates and times, and it is FREE, with FREE parking, and look at this:

It's part of a form you print out and bring with you.  I just printed it out.  Put your name and address on the form, and you get a FREE gift!  I love FREE gifts!  Guess who's coming home with a FREE gift???

I don't know how big the RV show is, but I'll let you know. I'm looking forward to it.

My grandson Gavin has a T-Ball baseball game on Sunday, and I'm planning to meet my son at the ball field to see the game.  He's five, and this year he's totally gotten into sports.  Watches ESPN, collects baseball cards, knows all the players, their teams, all that stuff that guys know.  He's a big Padres fan.  My son has season tickets, and he and Gavin have gone to a lot of the games.  If I can get some good pictures, I'll post them on Sunday.

Then the usual cleaning, laundry, dog walking, tiny bit of gardening, and I want to replace a house plant that died, too.  That should be enough to keep me out of trouble this weekend.

I've been watching tonight, catching up on some shows I haven't had a chance to see yet.  I saw the first three episodes of The Whole Truth tonight.  It's pretty good.  I don't know how I've missed the first three weeks. It must be opposite something I usually watch. That's why and are so great. You don't have to wait for re-runs.

So, I'm now going back to to see what else I've missed.

From me and Katie, have a great night, everyone!  : )


  1. Hey the coincidence's continue,Donna has a 2002 Escape fire engine red, with about the same mileage, she loves it too, It takes her 50 miles each way to work, been a great car.It's good in snow or anywhere you want to go. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Hate to be a fun buster, but your "free" gif will come with lots of spam and telephone calls if you give your real phone number and email.

    If it is a takeaway token gift, take it and give false information.

    Otherwise, walk away. It's just a marketing gimmick.
    Especially if it is one that says "you have a chance to win" some big attractive prize!

  3. Sounds like a pretty full week end to me. I don't plan on doing anything. Good luck with getting a "free" gift. I find there is usually some kind of string attached.

  4. I get ants every now and again, I use Bug Stop, it works really well. It usually lasts three months. (I get it a WalMart).
    Have fun at Gavin's game.


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