Sunday, October 10, 2010

The First Poll - totals and some insight

Happy 10/10/10!

WELCOME to stitchnship, and thank you for signing up to follow along with Me and My Dog, Katie.  I checked out your blog, and really enjoyed it.  I agree about the bunnies.  We have lots here where I live.

Taaa Daaa!  Here's the graphic of the first poll response:

Thank you!!! to everyone who participated.

It looks like everyone who responded participates in polls.  I didn't expect that, although as Judy said in her comment the day I posted the poll:  “I’m not sure you’ll get any “Heck No” votes, since that would mean the person answered a poll.”  I had to laugh when I read that!  But since there weren't any "No, I couldn't care less" votes either, ...  You know  -- that was a really bad poll, now that I think about it.  It just occurred to me as I'm writing this:  If you couldn't care less, you wouldn't answer either.  How funny!  

When I lived in Placerville, I worked for the Department of Human Services and was able to work 4-10s.  Four days at 10 hours a day.  I thought that would be great, but actually it gave me three days off, like now, with not a lot to do.  No problem this time around! : )  My friends worked, so the extra Friday, after a while, got kind of boring.  Some of my fellow workers got part time jobs at a local political polling company and encouraged me to apply.   They liked hiring Eligibility Workers because we were good at asking questions and were dependable, they said.  I worked there for a number of months until I moved back to San Diego.  It was very interesting and I really liked the work.  I worked one day on the weekend and three nights a week, right after my other job. (We had to work a minimum of 20 hours.)

What I learned was that if you aren't getting the answers you want, you tweak the questions until you do.  It was like a boiler room that they have for telemarketers, and we'd each get our script and our lists of names/phone numbers.  At the end of the shift, the manager/owner would tally the answers we logged and report them to her client.  (We never knew who the client was.)  Sometimes we'd get a different script the next time around, same questions, but asked a little differently.  

Just like my poll above.  If I wanted the answer to be that everyone who reads my blog participates in polls, the way I posed the five answers would be perfect.  Interesting.

That's why "they" say not to believe all the statistics that are thrown around.  The people doing the polling have bought and paid for the correct answer.  Maybe not everyone, and maybe not all the time, but it can be done, so I guess we have to assume it IS being done.

But, anyway, I still like polls and I love answering them.

I'm still going to include them from time to time.  But I have to admit, I hang up on people who call me on the phone wanting my answers for a political poll.  I know what they are doing and I don't want my views skewed to fit their needs.

When I started writing this post, I was going to say I have to assume RVers are a pretty social group if everyone answers polls.  Being involved, wanting their voice heard.  But we already knew that without the poll.  All the RVers I've met are nice, social people.  Then again, it's easy to be nice and social when you can smile, nod, turn on the ignition and drive away. LOL

I attended the RV show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Saturday.  I came to another conclusion while at the show, and will write about it tomorrow.

From me and Katie, have a fantastic Sunday, everyone!  : )


  1. Polls can be skewed by double dippers or some not polling at all. So you are right, polls are not clear indicators of result probabilities.

    Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to getting to know you!
    Hugs. Tammy

  2. Can't wait to hear your "take" on the RV show.

    I am not fond of polls, although I answer one once in a while.


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