Friday, October 8, 2010

Poll is over soon, fake names, and Sunshine Katie

Two more days until the Poll about taking polls ends.  Looks like everyone answer polls, but mostly it depends on the poll.  If you haven't responded to my first poll which was originally posted on September 26, vote now.  I'll post the totals on Sunday.

One thing I learned is that keeping the poll open for two weeks is too long.  The reason I did that is because we all have new readers joining us, and I wanted to give new people a chance to read older posts, see the poll, and answer if they chose to.  But I think that's way too long, and from now on I'll close the poll in one week or less.  Most of us keep up pretty well, I think, with our blog reading, and three or four days is probably long enough.  Otherwise, who even remembers the poll, or cares after two weeks?  Even I forgot about it, and it's my poll!

Merikay commented about my FREE gift at the RV show.  Thanks for reminding me about my Fake Name!  When my friends and I go to a fair or trade show, we try to remember to bring a sheet of mailing labels with our name and address and phone number.  Then we can just stick them on the forms they want us to fill out to get something free.  We had the REAL ones, and the FAKE ones.  I had forgotten all about that - today I'll print up a sheet of labels, one-half will be the real me, the other half will be Elizabeth Anderson, my "other" name.  I always use Elizabeth Anderson if I don't want someone to have my real name.  I love that name. It looks good, sounds good, has lots of potential nicknames, and is at the front of the list alphabetically.  My favorite name.

Katie just came in from the patio for a snuggle.  She is SO warm!  She loves laying out on the patio in the sunshine.  Her favorite place is on the carpet in front of the patio slider.  Softer and warm.  But once the sun moves over the house and the sun leaves the carpet, she's out on the patio.

 Sunshine Lover, Katie

Have you noticed Katie's Daily Puppy Pic?  What a cute puppy today!  I check out these pictures every day, but some of the puppies are just okay, and some I love.  This is a really cute one.

Hope you are all feeding the fish.  Don't forget the turtles at the bottom of the page.  : )

From Me and My Dog, have a nice evening, everyone!


  1. I took your poll today! Katie is an awesome little girl. Love the pic of the day. Have a good weekend.

  2. Katie has THE life, but I guess all our fur babies do, I sur don't know how I am going to et through a month without Rigg's, My niece Barbara still has my latebrothers dog Blizzard who still rememebrs me from my visits and was all excited when I arrived, he must have been starved for male attention. Kids are always running simewhere. so maybe I will get to take him for a walk and give him a buddy for the month. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I did your poll today!

    So what will happen if we don't feed the fish and the turtles?


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