Monday, October 25, 2010

My Sunday

I love my three-day weekends!  Usually on one of the days I get things done inside - clean house, laundry, strip the bed, vacuum, etc.  One of the days I do outside things like grocery shop, Costco shopping and any yard work (my yard is so small it usually takes all of five minutes).  The third day I do nothing.  Read blogs, play computer games, read magazines that have piled up, maybe read a book, maybe cook a great meal, with enough for leftovers for a night or two.  Just whatever I want.  What a life, huh?

So, Sunday I slept in until after 10:00 AM - I almost never do that!  I must have been really tired.  The weird thing is, I woke up before Katie did.  Even stranger. 

I did some cleanup in the patio/yard of  my condo.  Our spring and summer here in San Diego this year hasn't been very warm and sunny, like it usually is.  I always toss the old plants that are dead or dying and buy some more to replace them when the weather warms up.  I like flowering plants around the patio, it looks so nice from the living room.  But this year, I didn't do anything, I think I was waiting for the warm days to come, and they never really did.  So, tired of looking at dead plants, I finally went out and cleaned the patio area, trimmed the plants that needed it, tossed the dead ones, moved some around, and hosed off the patio.

Better already.

Then, armed with a list for plants, grocery shopping and Costco, Katie and I jumped in the car.

First stop was Home Depot.  I have a bunch of gift cards, and found lots of small plants that will work around the patio. Loaded them up in the back of the Escape.  (That's funny...  I just realized the name of my car is the same as the name of my big plan - The Great Escape.  No wonder I love that car!)

Next stop, Costco.  We all know about Costco. : )   I always go armed with a list, most of the items are fruits and vegetables.  Lately it's also included Jelly Bellies.  I'm still eating them, but they weren't on today's list.  BUT, this is the reason we shouldn't go shopping, especially to Costco, on an empty stomach:

 I LOVE really good chocolate covered marshmallows - and these have to be the best!  I ate two on the way home and they were so rich I almost felt sick.  I'm going to go back and get another box - JIC (just in case) - before they run out.  I think they are a seasonal thing with Christmas coming.  Each marshmallow is individually wrapped, and they are about half the size of a big marshmallow.

I also got these chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  They come two boxes packaged together.  These are perfection!

I have to say I try to make candies like these last as long as I can.  I try to be good.   I've always been a sucker for good chocolate, like See's Candies, and I have to be careful or they'll be gone in no time! 

Then on to Albertson's to do a little grocery shopping and we were done.

After putting everything away it was after 4:00 and I hadn't eaten all day.  I was so hungry that, after buying all this great food, I fixed myself a bowl of cereal with cut up fresh strawberries.  Sometimes you just can't beat cereal for a quick meal, any time of the day.

I like Sunday night television, so I was happy as a clam till bedtime.

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!   : )


  1. Now you've gone and done it! I'm just going to have to go to Costco now and look to see if our store has those chocolate covered marshmallows - not to mention the chocolate macadamia nuts! If I do find them though, they'll never last until Christmas!

  2. reading this post sure did make me hungry!

  3. Sheesh, you should be worn out, and there is nothing like a little chocolate and sugar to take care of that. :) I love cereal too, and often eat it instead of supper. Thanks for sharing.

  4. OOO I love those marshmallows!!! (not so good over a fire, but tasty!!)

  5. sounds like a delicious day at your house!..chocolate marshmallows!!..yummy!! and cereal for dinner!!!

  6. I agree, long weekends are great, although those longer work weeks are hard to go back to. Yes we all need a little bit of chocolate every day. Those marshmallows look yummy.


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