Sunday, October 17, 2010

Such tragic news

I just read about Margie and Bruce in some of your blogs.  I went to the RV show yesterday and was so tired I went to bed early and didn't open my computer till just now.  I was settling down to catch up, and the first post I opened was about Margie and Bruce.

This is such a terrible thing, I can't believe it happened.  I guess I didn't realize how attached I've become to this blogging community, and I'm surprised at my reaction.

Margie had two blogs, and I read them both.  I loved reading about their adventures, following along on all their walks, and enjoyed her beautiful photos.  She was an inspiration to her followers on her second blog.  The last post that I read on her blog, My Healthy Living Through Weight Control, was an inspiration to me, and I was using her blog to get back on track.  I'm sure there were many people she inspired. 

I felt like I knew them in the short time I've been following Margie's blogs.  Margie was a good commenter  too, and I appreciated that.

They seemed such a happy couple, living a wonderful life, loving each other, their kids and Grands and Annie.  They will be missed by many people who never even met them.


  1. Well said! You have expressed the feelings of many of us who have followed Margie's blog. We will all miss her tremendously.

  2. Same here, although I'm still the new kid on the block in the Blogger Land but I'm already very attached to all of you!

    Just cry it out, it'll make you feel better afterward!

  3. amen to were dreaming about your next step..Margie and Bruce would have loved that!

  4. I have enjoyed your blog after discovering it just today! We have much in common - I will be buying a small RV next year and am the proud owner of a rescue Chihuahua mix - Doris - whom we utterly adore. And, like you, I look forward to hitting the road with my little companion. (Until he retires, my husband will only join us occasionally).

    It's so refreshing to find someone who is also in the planning stages - I can relate to so much you've written within your delightful blog!

    Thanks for sharing .... Kim


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