Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogger blunders: posting, oops... editing and re-posting

Stargazer from Boondocking Blogger posted an apology to her readers, explaining that she found a misspelled word on a previous post and made a correction, not realizing this made the post come up on her readers' lists as a new post.  You can go to her Blog for a better explanation.  This was my comment to her:

"Thank you for an interesting post - I didn't realize each edit causes a post to appear again and again to our followers as if it is a NEW post.  I sometimes find little things in my posts and make corrections.  Probably driving my followers crazy, and I didn't even know it. Live and Learn! "

Last month I had a problem with some information not formatting correctly, and the line spacing was all screwed up.  They were the posts about the many ages of a woman, the Captain Underpants post, and maybe another one.  I had saved that information previously in other programs and was doing a "cut and paste" into my post. Then I added to it, and published.

I have lots of old files of interesting or funny things I've saved through the years.  A couple of times when I've purchased a new computer, I saved documents on CD's (before thumb drives, etc.) and have them filed in my desk.   One day I was going through some of the old CD's and found things I had forgotten about.  I really enjoyed re-reading some of them, they brought back memories of times and places in the past.  I decided to use a few of them in those posts.

So, anyway, I was really frustrated, because they looked fine as I was putting them together and then when I'd hit Publish Post and check them, again they were spaced wrong.  I didn't know why they were formatted wrong.  I'd change the spacing in the edit mode and publish it again.

One of my readers commented that my blog appeared four times, but I didn't realize what she was talking about. Now I know.  I thought it was appearing after itself, four times in a row, but now I think she meant she was being notified over and over that I had a new post.  And it was the same each time.

So, I guess I should offer my apologies to anyone who has clicked on my blog thinking a new post is ready, only to find the same one they have already read.

I did finally find out later when an "Aha Moment" happened that if you take text that's formatted in a different program, it might look okay, but you have to take the formatting out, and re-format it to fit the program  it's going into.  Someone I know had some line spacing difficulties on her professional website, and when I figured out why I was having problems, I e-mailed her and she was able to fix her spacing problems, too.

You would think posting something every day would be pretty simple, but I keep learning new things.  I guess it's obvious, just not something I thought about, that it would re-post as if its new.  I'm going to need to make sure I do all my edits before I hit the Publish Post button.  And check it out on "Preview" too!

Do you ever find a misspelling or something you need to change, do an edit and re-publish?

That's it for today.  Thanks again, Stargazer.  It's always nice to learn something new, especially when it stops me from making the same mistakes in the future.  And - sorry for the misspelled word in my comment. : (   I'll have to start using the Preview function there, too!

From Me and My Dog, have a great day, everyone!  : ) 
(Hitting PUBLISH POST now...)


  1. Wow! I do that ALL the time. I proofread my entry before I publish it, sometimes reading it over several times. Invariably when it's published and I view the blog I find a little spelling or grammatical error I missed, so I edit and hit publish again. I had no idea it appeared as new every time.

  2. Thanks for letting us know, Barbara!

    I re-edit my posts all the times, too! How embarrassing!

    Being an programing developer, I have to say it's a design flaw!

  3. Me too!! To all of the above. Live and learn... Thanks for the great info. Stay safe..

  4. I'm SOOOOO glad I'm not the only one who does this. I do exactly the same thing - there is always something I see once it's posted that I need to change.
    Well -- if anyone knows otherwise, please let us know. This blogging is definitely a learning experience for me, but I love it! :) (And if you need to make a change, I won't care at all.)

  5. Hi Barbara... I think there something else going on here. Simply correcting errors and republishing your blog will not normally send out any new messages. The only time a new message should be sent out is when a 'new' post is published.

    Like others have said, I edit and republish my posts all the time and I've never had a problem. This is a pretty standard practice with bloggers and it works just fine.

    Was there something else going on with this blogger who said she got 4 notices? Seems strange.

  6. I leave comments and then read them again after they published sometimes and see I've written the wrong word. I always feel like a real dunce.

    I edit and republish my own posts sometimes and haven't had that issue you mentioned. But then, I'm a dunce with all of that too. :)

  7. I do that all the time too - I didn't know they would repost. Well, now that we know, we can just forgive each other for our imperfections. :-)


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